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Alacrity Ventures is focused on Internet and other high-tech companies that offer breakthrough technologies. By investing in companies at the cutting edge of technology, Alacrity is nurturing the companies with the greatest potential for growth and societal impact in the twenty-first century.

However, Alacrity isn’t just investing in companies. It’s investing in people. Alacrity Ventures realizes that people are at the heart of any successful enterprise, and thus seeks out those entrepreneurs with great ideas, visible passion, and superb skills, and helps them to realize their business dreams.

Many venture capitalists are unwilling to invest in companies unless they are already well developed. Alacrity is primarily investing in companies that have people, ideas, and a market, but have not yet passed beyond the seed round of investment. This is currently an undeveloped area of venture capital.

The Services That Alacrity Ventures Provides

Alacrity is determined to insure the success of its investments by offering continuing mentorship services, intervening to a more extensive degree than is typically seen in the investment community.

Alacrity’s principals, Gifford Pinchot, Harold Shattuck, and Christopher Allen, offer their expertise in entrepreneuring, as well as business and technology management. Christopher Allen provides additional direction in matters related to the Internet, security, and privacy. Gifford Pinchot adds expertise in business models, organizational effectiveness, and corporate markets. Harold Shattuck offers expertise in finances and management.

Alacrity’s Investments

Over the last two years Alacrity Ventures has invested in a number of high-tech companies including:
  • International Titanium Powder – a Titanium production company.
  • IRSI – a hardware company developing next-generation robotics technology.
  • – a computer software company designing business to business commerce solutions.
  • Nuserve – an Internet-based company that offers risk management software to businesses.
  • Skotos Tech – an Internet-based game company developing online communities.
  • Storactive – a computer software company designing innovative network backup software.
  • Unplugged Games – a wireless content provider. was recently Alacrity’s first investment to successfully complete an exit strategy. A merger with Verisign offered Alacrity Ventures an IRR of 63%. The rest of Alacrity’s investments remain active at this time.

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